Self Striping Gallery

 24 Houer Dance Marathon

 Pledge to the Puffs

 There's a Teacher on my Couch

 I Smell Snow

 A 1000 Yellow Daisies

 Victorian Inn

 Coffee and Pastry

 Life and Death


 Coffee, Please, Please, Please

 You Quiched my Room 

Where You Lead I Will Follow




 Hep Alien


 Soft Kitty




 New Year's Dance Off

 Holiday Armadillo


 I'd Pee on anyone of you

 Stinky Cat

 We Were on a Break

 Oh My Eyes

 Gum Would be Perfection


 I'm doing good baby, how you doing?

 The Best Apartment

I'll Be There for You 

 Feliz Navidad

Who Spiked the Eggnog

 Christmas Lights

Coal In My Stocking

 Cookies for Santa

 Calico Corn

Autumn Dreams


 Cozy Cabin

Wicked Beetle Juice

 Candy Corn and Chocolate Bars

 Trick or Treat

Purple Crayon

Charlotte's Farm Life

Wild Things

Double Trouble

Hungry Caterpillar

Rainbow Jewels

Scuba Divers

Chinese Folklore

Under the Sea 

Monsters Under my Bed

Celtic Love 

Hula Dancer

Sugar Skulls

Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

Time Thief

Baker Street

Rum on the Beach

Little Black Dress

Lion, Witch, Wardrobe


Dawn Treader

Miami Girls

Still Waters

A Holiday in Rome

Rainbow Promise 

Board Game Money

Heroic Outlaw

Love You More

Coral Reef

Berry Smoothie

Straw Flowers

Enchanted Nights

Paper Wings


Gnomes in the Garden

Night Life


Witchy Mischief

St. Patrick's Day

Icy Winter 


Keeper of Keys

Full Moon



Unstable Witch



Most Intelligent Witch

A Boy and an Owl

Flying Cars

Inner World