About Me

Hi! I'm Rachel the Head Owl (aka Owner and Dyer) behind Night Owl Fibers.  A lot of people ask me why I named my yarn dyeing business Night Owl Fibers and the reason is that I do my best work at night. I am truly a night person and not a morning person. 

I began crafting at a very young age (3 years old) when my mom taught me how to embroider dish towels.  Many nights I would realize when it was bed time that I had somehow embroidered my work to my night gown.  My home has always been filled with crafts and interesting projects.  Crafting and making things has also been passed down to me from great grandmothers, my grandma and my mom.  

The next skill that I learned was crochet but it didn't stick with me.  Then I learned how to sew blankets for my dolls.  When I was 8 years old I waned to learn how to knit and again my mom was happy to have someone to teach.  Thus began my love of knitting.  During High School I was a competitive swimmer with USA Swimming leaving me little time to knit.  Once that chapter of my life ended I was left with all of this creative energy that needed to be expressed and knitting/creating became an obsession.  In December 2014 I asked my parents for some bare yarn and acid dyes and my creativity came to life in ways that I could have never imagined.  Thus Night Owl Fibers was born.  My inspiration for dyeing comes from every aspect of my life, from movies to nature, pop culture and  music and the list goes on.  

Since starting Night Owl Fibers I have had the opportunity to travel the United States vending at different locations with different venues.  It has been so much fun to meet other fiber enthusiasts who share the same passion and excitement for the fiber arts.  This past year I also began a podcast on YouTube where I get to share my personal projects and love for the fiber arts community.  Recently my mom has joined me on the Podcast and some of you may recognize her as my booth helper and best friend.  She is happy to help package orders and help me when needed.