2019 Harry Potter Inspired Floo Powder self striping

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My inspiration for the November club colorway comes from "The Chamber of Secrets," by J. K. Rowling.  In chapter four Harry and the Weasley family are getting ready to leave the burrow and go purchase their school supplies for the school year.  They are going to travel through the chimney using floo powder but Harry has never traveled using floo powder.  So George goes first to show Harry how it's done but poor Harry seems even more confused at the whole process.  George gets into the chimney, speaks clearly and throws the floo powder down, then suddenly there is a green flame and he is transported to Diagon Alley.  Now it's Harry's turn but he doesn't speak clearly and ends up in a different place.  

The green flame that the floo powder leaves behind as a witch or wizard travels is so pretty.  I have created this beautiful self striping yarn and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do. 

The stripe sequence is one thick stripe of bright green and regular stripes in the following sequence: tan, black, dark mossy green, chartreuse, grey and black.  The club colorway comes with a little cauldron progress keeper. 

HP 11 is available from October 16 - November 15 and will ship around the 20th of November.  

If you would like a mini skein to accompany your club order please purchase separate and send me an email with your color choice.  

Don't forget to come join in the HP KAL fun on Ravelry.  All of the rules are listed in the Night Owl Fibers group.  Come join the group and the KAL to win prizes!!