2019 Harry Potter Inspired Headmaster’s Pensive Self Striping

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Headmaster’s Pensive was the very first colorway that I created for my HP club in 2019.  The inspiration for this colorway comes from the Harry Potter novels where memories are poured into a beautiful basin.  A wizard or witch could then experience or view these memories.  This beautiful self striping colorway is finally being re-released.  It is a 9 color repeat; light blue, royal blue, light grey, green/blue, denim blue, medium grey, dark blue, dark grey and cream. Dyed on my Barn Owl base a lovely 4ply sock weight yarn (75% SW Merino/25% Nylon) with 437 yds/100g.  Barn Owl gives great stitch definition and is a lovely base to use for hand knits. 

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