Animated Movie Inspired by Mulan Self Striping

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Mulan is the only girl in her family.  When the Huns invade China one man from every family is called to duty to fight with China against the Huns.  Although Mulan's father is drafted she decides to take his place.  As a young girl Mulan must disguise herself as a young boy and learn to fight for her country and for her family's honor.  This is a story of true love, honor, respect and courage. 

This beautiful self striping yarn has a 8 stripe repeat: bright blue, dark blue, Mulberry Wine, Salmon, light gold, dark gold, black and bright red.  Dyed on my Barn Owl base, (75% SW Merino 25% Nylon) a 4 ply yarn with 436yds/100g.

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