January 2020 Harry Potter Inspired Luna Self Striping

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This year I want to focus the club on characters from the Harry Potter books.  There are so many interesting characters to choose from but the first one that I chose was Luna Lovegood.

Luna is one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter.  She is quirky, smart, sensitive, soft spoken, introverted and above all brave.  At times I feel like Luna.  Picking the colors that remind me of Luna was fun and challenging.  There are soft colors and then there are bold colors that make up this complex character.  Hopefully you will see my vision of Luna with the pictures that I have chosen.  Luna is an 8 color repeat: lavender, hot pink, purple, soft pink, chocolate maroon, navy blue, bright yellow, nautical blue. 

Mini skeins can be ordered to accompany your club colorway.  Please note that you will need to send me an email with your color choice for a mini skein.   

All of the 2020 HP club colorways will NOT come with a charm.  It will be too difficult to find charms to go with each character.  This year my focus will be on creating unique colorways to fit each character.  

All club colorways are available from the 16th of one month until the 15th of the next month.  Each club will ship around the 20th of the month that is in its title.  For example: January 2020 will be available from Dec. 16, 2019 until Jan 15, 2020 and will ship around the 20th of Jan 2020.  

This colorway will NOT be dyed again until 2021!