Gilmore Girls 2021

I have watched the Gilmore Girls TV Series several times and each time I catch something new with the fast paced dialogue.  It is one of my favorite shows because of the mother/daughter relationship and the quirky scripts.  Every relationship has it's challenges which makes the Gilmore Girls so relatable along with the humor and drama in each episode.

As with my other self striping inspired sock clubs, each month I will dye a new colorway inspired by something in this iconic show.  On the 16th of every month I will list the new club colorway as a pre-order and it will be available until the 15th of the following month.  All orders will ship by the 20th of the month in which with listing comes down.  For example:
January 16-Februar 15 pre-order available---Ships by the 20th of February

February 16-March 15 pre-order available---Ships by the 20th of March



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