May 2020 Harry Potter Inspired Molly Weasley Self Striping

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Molly Weasley was chosen for the HP club colorway  this month.  May is Mother’s Day and Molly Weasley is everyone’s favorite mom from the Harry Potter series.  She was eclectic in her style and always seemed a little frazzled as she took care of her large family.  She was also very caring, protective and above all an awesome crafter.  I love how her children could always count on a knitted garment from their mum at Christmas time. This colorway has two larger sections of a soft straw color and six normal sized stripes; yellow, steel blue, dusty rose,  straw, mossy green, lavender, wine and straw.  You will fall in love with this month’s HP colorway!  

Dyed on my Barn Owl base (75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon) a plump 4ply base that gives great stitch definition.  Each skein contains 437yds/100g.  

This club colorway is available from April 16-May 15 and will ship by May 20, 2020.